Stay in Control.

You retain ownership of the accounts you place in a TCA-sponsored safety group.

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Your clients will see immediate savings by using the groups premium discount of 12.4%.

Increase your retention. Typically, accounts in groups have significantly higher retention rates.

Earn your full commission, plus the premium on group business counts toward your agency contingencies.

Provide your client with the opportunity to earn group dividends IN ADDITION to the individual dividends they may earn from Texas Mutual.

Offer your clients an additional 12% discount with Texas Mutual’s workers’ comp health care network.

Give your construction clients industry-leading safety and loss prevention services.

Work directly with Texas Mutual Insurance Company to manage your account.

Three Easy Steps to place your business:

TCA-endorsed safety groups are open groups, meaning any agent can submit business for coverage. Just follow these easy steps to start building a loyal customer today:

Step 1:

Submit a workers’ comp application directly to your regular underwriter at Texas Mutual Insurance Company and ask for a quote through the TX Construction Safety Group. Many accounts may be quoted online in minutes.

Step 2:

Ask your insured if it is a member of TCA or one of its member associations.

Step 3:

If no, your insured can join one of the member associations or become a TCA member by filling out the TCA membership application and following the simple instructions.

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