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Join the Texas Construction Safety Group. Safety group members can get lower premiums and other benefits.

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To join the TCA-endorsed Texas Construction Safety Group, you must be a member of the Texas Construction Association either through membership in one of the below organizations, directly as an at-large member or through special arrangement with the Texas Construction Safety Group.

OPTION ONE – Determine if you belong to a TCA Member Association below. If so, click here.
American Subcontractors Association-Texas ChaptersSouthwest Terrazzo Assn
Central Texas Subcontractors AssnSubcontractors Assn of the Metroplex
DFW Drywall & Acoustical Contractors AssnTexas Council Painting & Decorating
Fire Sprinkler Contractors Assn of TexasContractors of America
Heart of Texas Subcontractors AssnTexas Crane Owners Assn
Mechanical Contractors Assn of TexasTexas Glass Assn
National Electrical Contractors Assn-Texas ChaptersTexas Iron Worker Employers Assn
National Utility Contractors AssnTexas Masonry Council
Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of TexasTexas Structural Steel Institute
Precast Concrete Manufacturers’ Assn of Texas

By joining one of the associations above you receive all of the benefits of membership in that association and those of TCA. TCA will assist you in expediting your application if you wish to join a TCA member association. Send an email to or call (512) 473-3773 for assistance.

OPTION TWO – Special Membership through Texas Construction Safety Group if you do not belong to one of the above associations and do not wish to become a member of one of the above associations.

You may join TCA in order to participate in the Texas Construction Safety Group. In addition to participating in the Texas Construction Safety Group, you will be entitled to some of the benefits that accompany membership, including: Newsletters, participation in Legislative and Political activities, educational webinars, TCA communications network, and participation in the other Endorsed Programs of TCA. Dues to become a member are based on your total workers’ compensation premium.

Premium Range

Annual Dues

1st Year Dues – Any Premium$100
$1 to $100,000$200
$100,001 to $200,000$300
$200,001 to $300,000$400
$300,001 to $400,000$500
$400,001 to $500,000$600
Over $500,000$800

Dues are set and subject to change by Texas Construction Association, not by the Texas Construction Safety Group.

TCA Application

NOTE: When completing your TCA membership application, you will be asked your written premium amount, insurance agency, agent name and agent phone number. Completing a TCA membership application is separate from obtaining insurance coverage and does not guarantee enrollment in the program. Your insurance agent should contact Texas Mutual to request a policy in the Texas Construction Safety Group.

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