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Why purchase workers’ comp through a Texas Construction Association-endorsed program?

For many busi­nesses, safety group pro­grams pro­vide the most cost-effective and advan­ta­geous work­ers’ comp insur­ance options. With the Texas Construction Safety Group, you’ll get lower pre­mi­ums and excel­lent tools and resources to help keep your work­ers safe. Plus, being cov­ered by Texas Mutual Insurance Company, the state’s lead­ing provider of work­ers’ com­pen­sa­tion insur­ance, means you have award-winning ser­vice, cost-saving claims han­dling and inno­v­a­tive safety train­ing.

Lower Premiums

Lower overall premiums based on the group discount of 12.4%


Proven history of both individual and group dividend payouts


An additional 12% discount with the Texas Star health care network

Safety Resources

Industry-specific loss prevention services and access to free employee training through Texas Mutual e-Learning and the Texas Mutual Safety Resource Center

Expert Service

Texas Mutual’s expert claim handling and medical cost containment

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Construction and construction supplier businesses are eligible to join TCA. See if your business qualifies.

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The TCA works to improve the business environment for Texas construction-related businesses.

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